Majority of Canadians Want Current Branded Package Regulations Applied to Marijuana Cigarettes

As Marijuana Becomes Legalized Majority (87%) of Canadians Want Current Branded Package Regulations Applied to Marijuana Cigarettes 2/3rds (64%) Reject Generic Packaging, Cite Risk of Criminal Counterfeiting June 19, 2018, Toronto—With the imminent legalization of marijuana, a new public opinion poll shows that nearly 9 out of 10 of Canadians support applying the current branding andRead more

C-Stores Warn About Inconsistent Regulation of Cannabis & Tobacco

The government of Canada is considering important changes to the rules governing both a legal product, tobacco, and a currently-illegal product, marijuana. But their approaches are very different and in the view of the Canadian Convenience Stores Association and the National Convenience Stores Distributors Association, not only unfair, but unlikely to produce the kinds ofRead more

Federal Pre-Budget Submission (Budget 2018)

National Convenience Stores Distributors Association Federal Pre-Budget Submission (Budget 2018) Small and mid-sized retailers, and the distributors that serve them, are faced with a unique set of pressures amidst Canada’s evolving retail landscape. It is critical for the Government of Canada to adopt policies that not only improve the competitiveness of small businesses, but provideRead more

Why is My Ice Cream Grey?

All of a sudden it hits you. A craving for that chocolaty, caramel, creamy goodness. You stop by your local convenience store to grab some ice cream to bring home to your kids, never thinking to check the label or wonder where it was made. This happens daily across the country. What consumers should beRead more

Lobby Day 2016

C-Store Members Lobby for Industry Awareness and Impact On February 23, 2016, 40 retailers and distributors from across Canada met with MP’s in Ottawa to discuss the matters that affect our industry. The purpose of this event was to raise awareness about the economic impact of convenience stores to the Canadian economy and to addressRead more